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9 Beautiful Messages That Tell A Story Within Popular Brand Logos

We are all familiar with the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" and it is the same for a logo. A logo is often the most recognisable representation of a business and it is used as an opportunity to send a valuable message, story or idea to a consumer.

These beautifully crafted logos have been cleverly designed to give a first impression about what kind of brand the business represents and hide a beautiful message.

Here are 9 perfectly designed logos that help to boost the brand's story.

1. Toblerone

Most famous for the delicious chocolate you buy when passing through duty-free, Toblerone begun in Berne, Switzerland, a city broadly connected with bears and mountains. The delightful story hidden with the logo connects us to the brand's history and the story of where it all began. The town of Berne even appears within the name, which otherwise called "The City of The Bears".

2. Hyundai

paradelta strategy hyundai brand logo

The famous South Korean car company, Hyundai, while it looks like an H for Hyundai is actually representing two men shaking hands. This symbol is often experienced when a person buys a new car and represents the enjoyment and excitement of getting a brand new car...

3. Amazon

paradelta strategy management consultants amazon

Amazon, the global giant that sells everything has a simple, but very clever design. The collection of an arrow and a word tells the strong brand story. Firstly the arrow in its curved grin-like shape shares the story of how the organization needs its clients to feel fulfilled by their purchases. Going on from that the smile stretches from A to Z, which cleverly completes the story to tell us that they sell everything from A to Z.

4. LG

paradelta strategy management consultants LG

Known around the world for its electronic goods, LG or Life's Good logo consists of the letters 'L' and 'G'. However, those letters within the red dot actually are more than just letters. They represent a face and tells the story of how LG brings the human component to their goods. Making LG more welcoming. Some even see a cheeky wink within the face, while others see an adjusted Pacman.

5. FedEx

paradelta strategy management consultants Fedex

FedEx, the popular delivery service of America, has been very clever in using the negative space of their logo. If you look between the 'E' and the 'x' you will notice an arrow that represents FedEx's ability to provide fast and accurate service. The arrow also implies that they are always on the go, which was a quality we would expect as a consumer from a delivery service.

6. Toyota

paradelta strategy management consultants toyota
paradelta strategy management consultants toyota logo

The famous Japanese automobile producer has many stories behind its logo. The two inner, perpendicular ellipses symbolize the merging of the hearts of customers and the company. That mutual relationship is surrounded by the greater oval of technological progress and creates a harmony between all three ovals. Each oval is of different stroke thickness to reflect the brush strokes of Japan's calligraphy. Additionally, it cleverly represents the cultural aspects of the company (i.e. freedom, team spirit, and progress) and can even spell out the name of the company or simply looks like a steering wheel. This has created a multi-layered meaning and story to what the logo represents. Making it a very clever design.

7. Pinterest

paradelta strategy management consultants pinterest brand logo

Pinterest took the pinboard off the wall and onto the computer. This advanced pinboard site allowed us to pin what we found interesting to a digital wall, but of course, we no longer needed the physical/tangible pins. We now needed digital pins and where else should we look, but the 'P' within the logo. This united the genuine part of attaching something to your wall and translating it to computerised age.

8. Unilever

paradelta strategy management consultants unilever

Unilever owns over 400 brands, supplying everything from self-care products, food, cleaning agents, pet food, beauty products, medicines and a whole lot more, which is reflected in their logo. The symbolic 'U' is composed of a collection of smaller images bringing out the essence of their brand 'to make sustainable living common place'.

9. Paradelta Strategy

paradelta strategy management consultants

In the design of our logo, we too added a story of our mission. While the name itself, 'Paradelta Strategy' is a made-up word the prefix and suffix merged together makes a unique definition. It loosely translates to going beyond through change, protection when branching out/diversifying, a distinct update, or going beyond in the fourth (i.e. increasing the results of the fourth quarter in business).

The colours also add to the story as we work with stressed to slow growth businesses. Typically they are in the red and as can be seen in the logo the colour moves from red to black (black being a profitable business).

Here at 'Paradelta Strategy' we specialise in Business Strategy and Brand Equity Building. Essentially, management consultants, many forms of consulting related to marketing, and assisting with continuous business growth through scaling, diversification and more. Our bespoke service is provided by our team of expert consultants who are specialists in their fields. Contributing by firstly developing a growth strategy and then assisting with its implementation.


Consider your brand. Does it have a story? Are your potential clients aware you exist? Contact us to get the advice, assistance and hands-on help you need to grow your business.

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