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Marketing Campaign Management

Social Media Marketing Campaign Management for Australia

What is Marketing Campaign Management?

Paradelta Strategy offers a range of Brand Equity Building & Marketing Services. One being Marketing Campaign Management for social media and non-digital means.

Within Marketing Campaign Management there are two forms of promotion: offline marketing and online marketing. Offline marketing is promoting a business through billboards, television commercials, flyers, pamphlets, branded pens, position within a store, and a whole lot more. Online marketing can be promoting a business through search engines and/or social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and a whole lot more.

We establish the best course of action for our clients by determining the customer demographics while analysing where their customers are and their pain points. Knowing this, we are then able to devise a marketing campaign management plan consisting of using offline and/or online marketing channels. We then improve the performance of the marketing campaign by creating a dynamic mix that supports all the elements of the campaign. For example, utilizing LinkedIn for the promotion on Facebook and the promotion through email.

The marketing campaign management plan both increases the brand equity and the sales of the business: converting cold leads to warm leads while creating business growth.

Paradelta Strategy can assist with the planning, execution, and management phases.  With our assistance, we typically see 30%+ growth year-on-year for our clients.

Do you have a social media presence and are gathering sales from it?

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