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Brand Equity Calculator

A simple calculator that will enable you to calculate the Brand Equity Index of your business. The higher the number the better it is for your business. For more info on the benefits of having a high Brand Equity Index see "Brand Equity: Why it is Important When You Grow Your Business"

How old is your business

Brand Awareness

Brand Association

When people talk about your company do they use words that are:

Perceived Quality

How do your customers value your products/services?

Brand Experience

When a customer contacts you, are they generally:

Brand Preference

Generally, when a potential customer goes to buy your product/service do they:

Brand Loyalty

How long does a customer stay with you?

Your Brand Equity Index is:





There are problems

that needs fixing

Good, but needs growing



Healthy and can
always improve

If you achieved  more than 18 then you are off the chart with Super Healthy Brand Equity

Didn't get the score you were hoping for?

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brand equity calculator from paradelta strategy
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